Professor Jonathan Wenzel in chemistry engineering lab

研究 / / Propelling Innovation

研究 at Kettering

Driving America forward, 制定政策, and finding new ways to improve lives and communities through engineering, 技术, 和科学. Faculty members are leading experts in their respective fields and conduct research with both undergraduate and graduate students.

Collaborating across disciplines, faculty and students practice real world applications that prepare students for their careers and provide solutions to problems the world faces today.


NSF-Major 研究 Instrumentation 奖助金


Only one of its kind Mobility 研究 Center


研究-Dedicated Lab Facilities 

Labs and Facilities

Kettering University's labs and facilities provide research skills and experiences to undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduate students have the unique opportunity to engage in research projects in their area of interest as soon as they arrive on campus.

Sponsored and Applied 研究

Kettering University's labs and facilities are used for sponsored and applied research. Our faculty have received 12 NSF MRI grants since 2012 and worked with numerous companies in areas such as autonomous vehicles, 医学研究, 碰撞安全, and other ground-breaking areas.