Student and Professor in IME lab

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Our 任务, 愿景, 值, and Four 成功的支柱 Guide Us on our Shared Journey


正规的赌博app prepares students for lives of extraordinary 领导与服务 by linking transformative experiential learning opportunities to rigorous academic programs in engineering, 科学, 数学与商业.


正规的赌博app will be the first choice for students and all our partners seeking to make a better world through technological innovation, 领导与服务.

尊重: for teamwork, honesty, encouragement, diversity, partnerships with students.

完整性: including accountability, transparency and ethics.

创造力: fostering flexibility and innovation.

合作: across disciplines and with all partners.

卓越: 我们所做的一切.


Optimized Growth in Enrollment and 项目

Kettering has an extraordinary ability to attract top talent, whether it's award-winning students or world-class faculty members. We will expand our enrollment intentionally through strategic financial aid packages and fixed-tuition guarantees to attract and retain a more diversified student population. We will aim our efforts at students and families who value private, experiential and applied learning. 

Global Leadership in STEM Education

Now is the time to focus the global talent conversation on what Kettering does best - deliver an education that couples theory and practice better than any other institution in the world. We renew our commitment to experiential and applied learning in collaboration with our extraordinary faculty and industry partners to deliver amazing classroom and applied research experiences.


The City of Flint and the surrounding area are important attributes of the Kettering experience. It is imperative that we actively engage in the economic renewal of our city and region by fueling innovation and entrepreneurship in our graduates and by collaborating with our educational partners in the region.


The University is only as strong as our relationships with alumni, 企业合作伙伴, 教育工作者, 邻居, 和朋友. We will strengthen a culture of engagement and giving with all our stakeholders to support Kettering's mission.